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How to plan a successful web project

Too many web projects don’t meet their goals. The project could be the wrong solution for the right goal, the right solution for the wrong goal—or, perhaps worst of all, a shiny solution for no goal. The problem is that … Read More

wordpress 3.7 basie

Now’s the time to update WordPress

This edition is a bit more technical than most other ones (see bottom for brief technical notes), but we wanted to recommend that you do something pretty easy and really good for your business: Update WordPress to 3.7! Ordinarily, updating … Read More

How to Choose a Plugin

How to Pick the Right WordPress Plugin

This post is part of the Making Plugins Work for You course.

Once you start taking a look at the different plugins available for WordPress, it becomes easy to see why this platform has become so popular. The seemingly endless possibilities for adding new features can spark all kinds of creative ideas … Read More

Plugging in | Find WordPress plugin developer

How to Find a WordPress Plugin Developer

This post is part of the Care and Feeding of a Web Developer course.

Now that that we’ve taken a look at WordPress plugins, including how to install them, where to find them, and some scenarios when an existing plugin might not be the best option, it’s time to explore the different options for … Read More