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Jigsaw puzzle | website complexity

Complexity in Web Development: A Simple Guide

On WPShout, a WordPress blog we run, I recently wrote about how long it takes a developer to do a number of discrete jobs in WordPress. The post was motivated by a great article at another site about how much … Read More

Choosing a domain name

How to Choose a Great Domain Name

Today we’ll be talking about one of the least technical pieces of planning your new website, and one of the most important to get right: choosing a domain name. Your goals, in the order I’d put them in, are: Available. … Read More

Destroying the easy button | What WordPress can't do for you

What WordPress Can’t Do For You

We absolutely love WordPress, and we’ve pressed tens of thousands of words about why. But this article is here to help you understand what WordPress—or any content management system (CMS)—simply can’t do for you. WordPress Can’t Build Your Site for … Read More

Crafting and Presenting Your Elevator Pitch

Now that you’ve settled on a Minimum Viable Product, and understand what kinds of measurements will validate your idea, it’s almost time to start collecting data. Before you do, however, you’ll need to make sure that you’re ready to communicate your … Read More