The Web Landscape

How to Work Well With Your Graphic Designer

This post is part of the Graphic Design and Your WordPress Business course.

Now that you have an understanding of why good design matters for your business hopefully you’ve scoped out some graphic designers, and have one in mind that you might like to work with. In this post, we’ll offer some tips … Read More

Web development jungle

Why the Web Development Industry is a Jungle

Most people I talk to who need web development help are frustrated and unsure. Many have had painful experiences with previous developers, and almost all are suspicious about being taken advantage of. Getting web work done properly at the right … Read More

Web developers at work

What to Look For in a Web Developer

This post is part of the Care and Feeding of a Web Developer course.

It’s hard to find a good web developer. Part of that is because web development is a jungle of unlicensed practitioners with very different interests, price points, and skill levels—meaning it’s a lot tougher to know where to start than … Read More

goal | web development goals

Great Web Projects Start With the Right Goals

One of the marks of good web professionals is that they’re partners in strategy. I recently spoke with Matt from 3thought, a graphic design team we love, about working with them on a redesign project. In the course of the … Read More

Flailing |Flailing website project

Controlling Website Costs: Don’t Flail

If you’re investing in a website, one of your primary concerns will naturally be to pay as little as possible. As we’ve argued before, looking only at cost is not the correct way to approach a website project. Rather, a … Read More

happy web developer | press up

Cut Your Web Development Costs by Making Your Developer Happy

This post is part of the Care and Feeding of a Web Developer course.

In general, developers are a lot more flexible on price for projects they really want to work on, and a lot less flexible when they’ll have to grit their teeth for the money. Web developers are like anyone else: they … Read More

site support | understanding your options

Site Support: Understanding Your Options

This post is part of the Planning for Site Support course.

This post continues an earlier post on site support, which we can summarize as follows: You’re going to need site support. You’re going to need a plan for site support. We’ve also covered one of the best options for securing … Read More