uncertain | wordpress plugin pricing

How Much Does a Custom WordPress Plugin Cost?

This post is part of the Making Plugins Work for You course.

Some questions don’t really have an answer until you ask the question a bit more precisely. If you’re just here for a numerical answer, here it is: “Between $100 and $10,000,000.” Why the large range? Because some questions—like “How old … Read More

Jigsaw puzzle | website complexity

Complexity in Web Development: A Simple Guide

On WPShout, a WordPress blog we run, I recently wrote about how long it takes a developer to do a number of discrete jobs in WordPress. The post was motivated by a great article at another site about how much … Read More

site support | understanding your options

Site Support: Understanding Your Options

This post is part of the Planning for Site Support course.

This post continues an earlier post on site support, which we can summarize as follows: You’re going to need site support. You’re going to need a plan for site support. We’ve also covered one of the best options for securing … Read More

happy web developer | press up

Cut Your Web Development Costs by Making Your Developer Happy

This post is part of the Care and Feeding of a Web Developer course.

In general, developers are a lot more flexible on price for projects they really want to work on, and a lot less flexible when they’ll have to grit their teeth for the money. Web developers are like anyone else: they … Read More

Flailing |Flailing website project

Controlling Website Costs: Don’t Flail

If you’re investing in a website, one of your primary concerns will naturally be to pay as little as possible. As we’ve argued before, looking only at cost is not the correct way to approach a website project. Rather, a … Read More

goal | web development goals

Great Web Projects Start With the Right Goals

One of the marks of good web professionals is that they’re partners in strategy. I recently spoke with Matt from 3thought, a graphic design team we love, about working with them on a redesign project. In the course of the … Read More