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Five Tips for Making your Content More Socially Shareable

This post is part of the course.

This issue was written by a guest contributor, Joe Fylan. Thanks to Joe! Now that you’ve got started on developing a content creation strategy and understood the importance of letting your personality shine through in your writing, it’s time to … Read More

wordpress 3.7 basie

Now’s the time to update WordPress

This edition is a bit more technical than most other ones (see bottom for brief technical notes), but we wanted to recommend that you do something pretty easy and really good for your business: Update WordPress to 3.7! Ordinarily, updating … Read More

typewriter content creation

Content creation strategies

The last issue looked at why just about every website should have fresh content, often in the form of a blog. But actually getting content out the door isn’t easy. This time, we’ll look at how to get in the … Read More

three steps for on-site seo

Three easy steps to on-site SEO with WordPress

Search engine optimization (SEO) is complex, difficult to understand, and invites a lot of superstition and folklore—as well as a fair amount of outright fraud. It’s also really important. As a result, it’s an endless topic. Fortunately, the basic principles … Read More

How to plan a successful web project

Too many web projects don’t meet their goals. The project could be the wrong solution for the right goal, the right solution for the wrong goal—or, perhaps worst of all, a shiny solution for no goal. The problem is that … Read More

call-to-action: eat here and get gas

Calls-to-action: Just ask!

As you know, WordPress gives you the power to control your site content. This is fantastic! But to quote Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.” In this case, your responsibility is to give your content a purpose. You need to … Read More