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What to Look For in a Web Developer

This post is part of the course.

It’s hard to find a good web developer. Part of that is because web development is a jungle of unlicensed practitioners with very different interests, price points, and skill levels—meaning it’s a lot tougher to know where to start than … Read More

Web development jungle

Why the Web Development Industry is a Jungle

Most people I talk to who need web development help are frustrated and unsure. Many have had painful experiences with previous developers, and almost all are suspicious about being taken advantage of. Getting web work done properly at the right … Read More

Elegant Themes frontend

Elegant Themes: An Overview and a Word of Caution

Today we’ll be continuing our discussion of WordPress themes. If you’re looking for the right theme for your site, be sure to take a look at the first three posts in this series: What WordPress Themes Are Choosing The Perfect … Read More

What WordPress Themes Are

One of the key elements you’ll need to understand as you get up and running on WordPress is WordPress themes. Here we’ll be covering the very basics: what a theme is, the difference between WordPress itself and WordPress themes (as … Read More