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Crafting and Presenting Your Elevator Pitch

Now that you’ve settled on a Minimum Viable Product, and understand what kinds of measurements will validate your idea, it’s almost time to start collecting data. Before you do, however, you’ll need to make sure that you’re ready to communicate your … Read More

Understanding Customer Behavior: Values

Now that you know a little about your market’s demographics, and have made some speculations about what motivates them, you’ll want to make sure you consider your customer’s potential values before moving forward with your marketing plan. In a marketing … Read More

uncertain | wordpress plugin pricing

How Much Does a Custom WordPress Plugin Cost?

Some questions don’t really have an answer until you ask the question a bit more precisely. If you’re just here for a numerical answer, here it is: “Between $100 and $10,000,000.” Why the large range? Because some questions—like “How old … Read More